Camming Without Traffic

Probably the biggest problem new cam girls will face, these days, is getting enough traffic into their chatrooms. Yes, room count is the biggest issue most webcam models will deal with when they’re just getting started, and it’s kind of understandable given that the camming business has never been more competitive. All those news stories about how much cam girls make have been having an impact, and attractive girls around the world are flooding onto cam sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams like it’s the newest big thing. If you’re gonna start as a cam model in this environment, you need to know how to get yourself some traffic.


Traffic is the most difficult part of any internet business, and as someone who is both a cam girl AND an internet marketer, I can certainly attest to that. Luckily, though, I was able to put a lot of my internet marketing skills to the task of getting viewers into my cam site chatroom, and it’s been a huge success. I do it mostly with my Snapchat and Twitter accounts, but you can also use these tactics with other social media platforms.

On Snapchat, getting traffic is all about the takeovers. What you need to do is go onto Twitter and find adult accounts that have large Snapchats (ones with lots of viewers). Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube, Manyvids, and BearHugCamGirls are just a few. Then, tweet them and ask to do a takeover on their Snapchat. Make sure your Twitter is completely filled out and loaded with lots of selfies of you, so you look like a good candidate for the takeover.

Once you get a takeover, make sure to snap a LOT during the 24 hours you have the account. Promo your Twitter and your free Snapchat account by using QR “snapcodes” which send viewers straight to the profile. The owner of the Snap you’re taking over for the day will be sure to have rules you have to follow, so make certain that you do that. One of the rules will be no nudity, and that’s a big one. Nude snaps are technically not allowed on Snapchat and can get an account pulled.

Your Twitter following should benefit quite a bit from the takeovers, but you can also build up your followers by finding top cam girls and following their followers. Most of the guys and other models will follow you back as long as your profile is filled out and looks appealing.
Once you’ve got a decent audience on your free Snapchat and Twitter accounts, you can promote your chat room url by either posting a link to it on Twitter, or using a QR snapcode on your Snapchat. This method really helps to plump up your room count and can give you a great boost when you’re still new and trafficless!


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